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Physician Education Meeting

January 22, 2013

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Congee Bowery
207 Bowery Street
New York, NY 10002

1. Meaningful Use, EHR and eRx - The team from NYC REACH gave a very informative presentation on the goals of the Primary Care Information Project; deadlines and requirements for achieving Meaningful Use in one's EHR; and resources regarding NYC REACH membership and other related initiatives.
2. Billing Basics, Medicare Annual Wellness Visit and Preventive Services - The NYC REACH team gave a well-received presentation on billing fundamentals and methods for streamlining the medical claims process. They also instructed attendees on how to bill for the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit, which provides preventive care services.
3. 2013 CPT Codes for Transitional Care Management and Complex Chronic Care Coordination Services - Dr. Hanbin Zheng presented on the 2013 CPT codes for transitional care management and complex chronic care coordination, detailing the services comprised by each code.
4. CCACO Operations Update
a. CMS Quality Measures Reporting - CCACO reminded attendees of the upcoming CMS Quality Measures Reporting period, which will take place from mid-February 2013 through mid-April 2013. Physicians will be required to collect and report patient data.
b. Office Renovation - Attendees were informed that renovations on CCACO's new office were complete. They were invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony on February 25, 2013 and visit the new CCACO office.
c. Advertising on the CCACO website and member directory - Members were encouraged to purchase an ad package to advertise their practices on the new CCACO website and in the upcoming member directory.
d. Diabetes Recognition Program - Attendees were notified that the deadline for submitting a Diabetes Recognition Program application is February 1, 2013. Applicants may apply as a single practitioner or as a group. Physicians who successfully achieve NCQA recognition will receive a $2000 incentive payment.
e. Patient Notification - CCACO reminded its members to continue notifying their Medicare patients of their participation in CCACO and requesting their consent to share data.
f. ACO IT platform vendor - CCACO selected MDLand as its ACO IT platform vendor and has been working closely with them to analyze CMS data and prepare for the upcoming CMS Quality Measures Reporting period.
g. Share Expansion and Additional Shares Purchase - CCACO members voted in September to increase the number of shares to 1,000,000. Members were encouraged to purchase additional shares. Founder members may own up to 24 shares and non-founder members may own up to 20 shares.
h. New corporate officers - CCACO announced that it had hired Steve Forman, CPA as its compliance officer and appointed David Y. Zhang, MD, PhD, as its Chief Medical Officer.
i. Financial report and proposed Physician Scoring System - CCACO discussed the proposed Physician Scoring System, which will determine the percentage of shared savings, based on number of shares, that each physician will receive.

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